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Small Owl Sculpture

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A nocturnal bird, the owl is active at night. With forward facing eyes, the owl must turn its entire head to see in a different direction, thus the owl has well developed binocular vision. With strong feet, like raptors, the owl has two toes facing forward, and two toes facing back. The owl hunts for prey under the cover of darkness. One hungry Barn owl family can consume more than 3,000 rodents in a nesting season! The owl has a variety of vocalizations. The familiar owl hoot is usually a territorial declaration. The owl also screeches, hisses, & screams. This 3D sculpture is created from sheet metal cut to form, welded and then rusted to a natural patina. Handmade in the USA. Indoor use suggested. Can be used outdoors but it will continue to rust. 5.5 inches high.

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