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Chipmunk Model Kit

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Chipmunks can carry food in their mouths - their cheeks expand and can they place around 7 acorns in there- though the ones we've seen lately seem like they have about 70! Although often seen on treetops, chipmunks live in underground burrows and boy do they scurry fast! These animal model kits are so cute! Not only are they fun and easy to build- they are also made with compassion for the Earth and its inhabitants-and include fun facts about each animal! Best for ages 6 and up, with adult supervision. Each kit contains everything you need to complete a fun craft activity in 20-30 minutes. Designed in New Zealand. Our materials are recycled, sustainable and biodegradable. Our inks are eco-friendly and our glue is non-toxic. We minimize the plastic we use out of respect for the environment. All our ideas are 100% original and protected by international patents.

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