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Nantucket Basket Necklace

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A teeny tiny replica of the world famous Nantucket Basket replete with "scrimshaw" lighthouse top piece, swinging handle and even a teeny tiny penny inside for good luck! Wrought in Sterling Silver this necklace is sure to delight any visitor or resident of New England or even any lover of nautical history. Basket measures approximately 1/2" wide by 3/4" long and comes with a 16" Sterling Silver snake chain. Some history about Nantucket Baskets: In 1840 the US government commissioned a ship to be outfitted with a light to aid navigation off the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The sailors on board worked in long eight month shifts. To pass the idle time they took up the art of basket making taught to them by the local Indigenous Peoples. In 1890 the trade was moved to Nantucket Island where craftsmen used native materials to make the sturdy baskets with scrimshaw tops for decoration. The little coin tucked inside the basket is for good luck! The legend goes that if a two pence is thrown overboard while passing the lighthouse leaving Nantucket harbor, you will be granted safe passage and safe return.

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