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  • What Does Yankee Ingenuity Mean?

    Though our store’s name, Yankee Ingenuity, is well-known around town, many of our customers ask us about the meaning behind our brand. Here are a few details about the concept of Yankee ingenuity and how it relates to our shop.

    What is Yankee ingenuity?

    The term “Yankee ingenuity” was created in the 1800s during the industrial revolution.  New England was largely the center of mechanical and technical advancements in the 19th century. Residents of the Northern half of the United States were often referred to as Yankees after the Civil War. The inventive and self-reliant nature of the Northeast during the industrial boom led to an association between the North and ingenious inventions. “Yankee ingenuity” became a common phrase to describe individual enterprise and inventiveness.

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  • All About Steampunk

    What is steampunk?

    “Steampunk” is a neo-Victorian design aesthetic that often incorporates steam-powered mechanical engineering. In this way, you can visually understand how a machine works through displaying pistons, levers, gears, and wheels rather than hiding them under a modern sleek exterior. Steampunk also contains supernatural elements and romantic influences. You could categorize it as a subculture that focuses on technological and social elements of the 19th century, a blend of the antique and the industrial, and a fantastical take on the Victorian era that celebrates the birth of technology. While some people may not have ever heard of this underground phenomenon, others are immersed in the steampunk world. Steampunk is still widely undiscovered by the public, but many theorize that it’s about to become the next big mainstream trend, like “grunge” in the 90’s or “emo” in the early 2000’s.

    Where did steampunk begin?

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  • Artist Spotlight: Ann Miller & Summer House Natural Soaps

    About the Maker

    Ann Miller at Summer House has been making exquisite natural soap and body care products since 2000. In addition to being a chandler (that’s old fashioned talk for someone who makes soaps or candles,) Ann is also a passionate gardener, designer, cook, and tinkerer. All of her products are proudly crafted on Cape Cod, where the sea, sand dunes, and fresh salt air inspire her beautiful packaging and luscious scents.Ann started off selling her soaps at local farmers markets. Though the scale of her production has increased since the early days in 2000, all of the soaps, lotions, balms, and salts are still made by hand right here on Cape Cod

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  • Sharks in the Park

    Be sure to check out the sculpture installation called “Sharks in the Park” at Kate Gould Park on Main Street in Chatham. Organized by the Chatham Merchants Association, the show features 26 sharks created by Cape Cod artists. Yankee Ingenuity sponsored this shark by Cape Cod artist, Nancy Lyon. Nancy is a very talented scrimshaw artist whose work can be found at http://blackwhalegallery.com/nancy-lyon/ 


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  • Artist Spotlight: The Beaded Wire by Jessica Gomes

    The Beaded Wire is an environmentally conscious, handmade, high-fashion jewelry making company, owned and operated by Cape Cod native, Jessica Gomes. The Beaded Wire was established in October of 2008 in Yarmouth Massachusetts, with the sole intention of making affordable, stylish, quality handmade accessories that appeals to every generation and every occasion. Yankee Ingenuity is proud to be a Beaded Wire stockist. Recently, we asked Jessica a few questions to learn more about her process and inspiration. Continue reading

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